Refitting a kitchen is a great way to add value to your property. This page aims to give some general advise for homeowners that are considering a kitchen refurbishment.

Initially you need to decide how much you want to spend. The cost of refitting a kitchen can vary greatly and setting a budget is a good starting point. It is also worth having a contingency for unexpected extras.

Visiting the big kitchen companies, such as B&Q, Howdens, Wickes or even a specialist Kitchen Company should help to give you an idea on prices for your new kitchen. These firms will have a range of kitchens to suit all budgets.

Free Site Audit and Kitchen Plan

Why not invite one of these companies to visit you and give you a quote? A kitchen specialist will come to your home and talk you through different ideas and solutions that could suit your requirements. They will draw a plan of your kitchen and suggest improvements that can be made, perhaps changing the layout. This may give you ideas that you haven’t considered before. This is a great way to give you ideas and to obtain a quote to work from. The kitchen specialists will give you a total solution, quoting for everything:  kitchen cabinets, work surfaces, appliances and any tradesmen required.

Be advised that the installation cost is an extra expense on top of the kitchen itself.

The Shrewd Shopper

As an alternative, the shrewd shoppers among us might source the individual components separately and organise the trades people themselves. Once you have your quote and kitchen layout plan, you have everything you need to work out the individual costs and to see if you can save yourself some money. 

As an example, the typical kitchen re-fit  would need:

  • Work Surfaces
  • Cupboards/Units
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Tiling/Splashbacks
  • Light Fixtures
  • Sink and Taps
  • Redecoration

Obviously, over and above the sourcing of the actual goods you require, you will need to source local suppliers / trades people to help with the fitting

A website you may wish to use is Check a Trade, which not only lets you identify local tradespeople you can use, but it also gives you access to reviews written by past clients. These trades people are generally vetted, but obviously, take time to speak with them, meet them and get written quotes to make sure you are happy before committing.

Trades you are likely to need for your kitchen refit:

  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Gas Engineer
  • Decorator
  • Tiler
  • Plasterer

You could also search for trades in your area using Google, but just be sure to check their past work and credentials. Yes, this takes time and you have to factor this in, especially if you have a full time job. However, this could be time well spent as it will undoubtedly save you money, which in turn, should reduce the amount you take out on a secured homeowner loan to complete the kitchen re-work, while still adding value to your property.

The original quote you receive from the likes of B&Q or your local kitchen company, can be used as a benchmark for the overall project. In the case of Arrow Loans and the secured loans that you maybe considering to fund this type of project, it’s in your interest only to borrow what you need. 

Negotiating the best deal

The English are not renowned for their bartering skills, but the fact is, today is a buyers market and you would well advised to ask for a better deal and play each supplier off the other. Just remember, it’s a balance between obtaining the best price and getting the right service.

Ideas of Cost

In order to work out the amount you need to pay / borrow to fund your project, follow some of our tips in this page. Once you have an idea of cost, add 10% to cover any unforeseen costs and that is would be the amount to assign to the project.

  • Small kitchen up to £5,000
  • Medium sized kitchen up to £10,000
  • Large kitchen up to £15,000

Of course, these are totally rough costings and a lot will depend on the quality of the finish. For example, choosing a granite kitchen surface rather than a standard chipboard style, or buying a Stoves over rather than a Beko.. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad and expensive doesn’t always mean it’s good. Take time to read reviews and work out your costs sensibly, based on what you can afford and what will add the most value to your property.

Financing your project

Fitting a kitchen can be an expensive thing to do. However, it’s sure to add value to your property which is why homeowners often look to take out a secured homeowner loan to complete the work. Investing in your home wisely, and ensuring any borrowing is affordable, is a smart sensible way to add value to your property.