Arrow Loans is a lender and broker of secured homeowner loans direct to the public. Established in 1957, we are a member of  the Consumer Credit Trade Association. Arrow Loans is a trading name of Burts (Hull) Limited: Registered Company 577522, Data Protection Act Z6439069. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
A homeowner loan is a personal loan secured by a Legal Charge on your property. You must already have an existing mortgage, which is secured by a First Charge. A homeowner loan is usually secured by a Second Charge. Homeowner loans are sometimes called ‘secured loans’,‘second charge loans’ or ‘second mortgages’. All our loans are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act by the Financial Conduct Authority.
You must be a homeowner living in England or Wales with an existing mortgage. If your home is owned jointly then your homeowner loan must be in joint names.
No. If you give us permission to conduct a credit search, this is treated as a “quotation” so there will be no credit footprint on your file at the credit reference agencies.
We will assess your application on its merits. You may be required to have more free equity in your property and pay a higher interest rate than if you have a good credit rating.
Your loan can be for any purpose. The most usual purpose is home improvements, which may add value to your property.
Homeowner loans can be from £2,500 up to £25,000. What we offer you depends on affordability and how much free equity you have in your home.
The process should take no longer than ten working days.
You will need to provide proof of income, such as payslips, a recent bank statement and proof of ID, such as your passport or driving license. These documents can be emailed to enable us to provide a quotation.
Repayments will depend on the size and term of your loan. You must be able to afford the monthly repayments.
Yes. Our loans are flexible. You can ask for your normal payments to be increased or decreased subject to our agreement.
Yes. You can also make a partial early settlement – a lump sum payment – which gives you the choice of reducing your monthly repayments or shortening the loan term. You will receive an early settlement rebate.
Yes. This is called a rebate of interest and is calculated according to the Consumer Credit Act. You receive a rebate for both full and partial settlements.
You can apply for a further advance.
We aim to resolve any complaint within 10 working days. If we can’t sort out the problem within eight weeks you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.